Bride, face your wonderful day in the best way!

Handbook for the relaxed bride

The big day is close, everything is ready… the only thing missing is the cherry on top.
You might have hired the best wedding planner who took care impeccably of every detail, but the stress for this very important occasion might still hit you, and you may not feel totally relaxed.

What to do? Call Massage in Chianti!

The day before the ceremony is the best moment to treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a kobido, the Japanese face massage.

The kobido, the Japanese face massage, is a super-relaxing treatment which is still not well-know, Massage in Chianti was one of the first to discover its beneficial effects and we are sure this is the right treatment for you!

Massaging the face muscles brings such a deep relaxation to the whole body, sometimes better than a whole body treatment.

All tensions and worries are blown away to leave space to allow the joy for the big event to emerge.

Further more massaging the face brings you a glowing lifting effect that not even the best face cream could possibly give you.

Your eyes open, tiredness signs disappear, skin tone goes back to its natural state and the glow will be admired by everyone.

If the hairdresser and the make up artist will make you beautiful, with a kobido the night before you will be absolutely fabulous!
And their job will be helped too!

In the luxury version, in addition to the massage, a nurturing face mask and a reflexology session are included.

You probably have chosen high heeled shoes and the thought of wearing them for long hours may be worrying and painful too.

If you prepare your feet the night before, treating yourself to a reflexology massage, high heels will be just a pleasure!

Choose our professional expert hands and you will be absolutely stunning on your great day!

And, thanks to our wedding package, once the wedding is over, you may pamper yourself with a couple massage with your loved one, to start your life together in the best way!