Water of Life

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Headache – recognize it and relieve it with natural remedies!

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Tips and tricks to feel alive

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10 steps of massage in chianti for happiness within the walls of the house

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The massage that changed my life

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Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Energy Medicine

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Tea wellness party – Tè, pasticcini e automassaggio

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hot stone massage

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best gift for christmas

10 December 2019/by Elena

Home relaxing: strategies to take some time for yourself

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Home made THERMAL treatments – Natural footbaths

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November at the spa

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Vietnamese facial reflexology

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Autumn: relaxation, herbal tea and energy

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Artisans in Villa 2019

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special event and presentation service

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after sun face mask

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late summer fast scrubs natural remedies

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Massagge in Tuscany

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Bride to better face the most beautiful day

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Self-massage techniques in plantar reflexology

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Reflexology: equilibrium starts from feet

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A special weekend

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ayurveda and mantra

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ayurveda knowledge of life

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essential oil and nature

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Reborn in springtime

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Hawaian ritual massage

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Kobido: the massage of the eternal youth

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18 March 2019/by Elena
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