Special Event: come on and meet Massage in Chianti , we are waiting for you!

Massage in Chianti meet us during a special event in Artigiani in Villa del Cigliano

Summer is over and Autumn has definitely sat proudly down on his throne.

Rainy days are here now and summer is quickly being transformed into a beautiful memory. Massage in Chianti is very happy and satisfied with this past summer.

We had the pleasure and the honour to organize wonderful wellness moments, like yoga lessons and
wellness corners, in our beautiful Chianti countryside, for young couples and their guests, who travelled
to Tuscany to celebrate their magical wedding day.

And for those who chose Tuscany for their holiday spot, we had the chance to make it even more relaxing
and rejuvenating thanks to our wonderful variety of massages.

At the end of September, we have been invited to participate at “Artigiani in Villa del Cigliano”, a
wonderful market show with the most incredible local artists from Florence and the Chianti area which
takes place every year in the amazing Villa del Cigliano in San Casciano Val di Pesa.

This year, Massage in Chianti will organize the wellness corner for the occasion.
In the garden around the Villa’s entrance, you will find our gazebo with our massage table and all our

As the event will be outside and we do not know what temperatures will be waiting for us we have
prepared the following options to come and try: Kobido, Japanese face massage, the most loved by the
brides; foot reflexology, for those who are travelling and walking a lot through Tuscany and hand

If by any chance the weather decides to treat us nicely with some warm sun rays and summer
temperatures, there will also be the chance for brief shoulder and back massages.

Saturday and Sunday afternoon we will hold a workshop dedicated to hand massage and face massage so
you can learn some nice moves and then share them with your friends and family.
Two workshops around one hour long to share with a friend or your partner, so you can massage each

So come and meet us and share with us the wonders of massages.
Whether you want to come to the workshop or simply be in the beautiful Villa del Cigliano, come visit us.
We can drink a herbal tea, chat and you can discover our treatments.