Essential oli and nature

Essential oils are very valuable substances, extracted from the so-called aromatic plants and known since ancient times.

Essential oils
are the most regal part of the plant, which uses them to protect themselves from the sun, to defend themselves following the attack of external agents, to attract pollinating insects and to repair injuries.

Essential oils
are the perfect fruit of light and heat: in fact, they are formed thanks to the action of the solar energy exerted on the cytoplasm, where they are produced by specialized cells associated with the secretory organs, and later collected in cells in the form of tiny droplets .
Each essential oil has unique characteristics: in addition to perfume, they vary in color (from yellow to blue), to solidification point and density, ie the degree of viscosity and compactness. Their main characteristic, however, is volatility, or the speed with which they evaporate when exposed to air.
A very special note is that their classification based on volatility was introduced in the nineteenth century, from the French Septimum Piesse according to the notes of the musical scale.
We therefore find top notes (high notes), which are the fragrances that are perceived first: they have a high, light and subtle vibration and are very volatile. Generally they are fresh and fruity essences, like those of citrus fruits, and have the ability to lighten ideas.
Heart notes (center notes): these are essences with a soft and intense fragrance, and essential oils with a rebalancing power mediate part of this group; generally they act on the heart and are excellent for the skin and the base notes (low notes), which are the essences with low vibration, warm scent, less volatility and dark color. Their scents emerge more slowly but remain long. Generally they come from wood, resins and spices and purify the air.
Beyond the classification, the way essential oils are very vast and complex, each of them has very specific characteristics.
The uses of oils are also multiple: from application, to diffusion; from the aromatic bath, foot baths or foot baths to the pack.
Some essential oils can also be ingested or inhaled via suffimigi.
For those on the “first weapons”, I recommend starting with a few essences, maybe the more classic ones like lavender (relaxing), lemon or orange (excellent for mental concentration) and patciouli (for a warmer environment) and a small diffuser .
Find diffusers of all sizes and types, steam ones are used a lot lately because they are easy to carry and easy to use, my advice is to start from the base with a candle light. Fill the bowl with water and put in a few drops of chosen essential oil, light the candle below and “smell” the results.