Reborn of soul and life in springtime

As a regular event, nature reborns every spring and even we, human beings, wake up from the winter torpor; the first sun that warms us, the sap that flows in our bodies, the energy that moves lightly…

It is spring, almost Easter, the rebirth can be seen and heard everywhere: every time I come home, the parsimon tree is waiting at the gate, it was planted there by my father when I was a child. Every winter I am worried that it could die because it has such a delicate bark, it looks like a skin tanned by too much sun; but instead yesterday I realized that it was reborn, just as we breathe, it woke up and created the first leaves and buds. Once again, it did it without deciding, without marking it on the agenda, it just did it.
Over the years, to help me in this phase of seasonal change, I have found benefit in some little tricks that help me in my spring awakening, I hope they help you as much as they help me 🙂

 For “blue days” I listen to my favorite song as soon as I wake up, and I dance as I am alone in the room and nobody is watching. In this period, I really like an old piece by Tribalistas – Já Sei Namorar.
 Walking barefoot on the lawn, just a few steps to wake me up, better still in the morning when the grass is still damp from the night dew.
 Prepare a good herbal tea with birch leaves, some lemon juice, and honey if we like the sweet taste. It improves the drainage of liquids.
– Self-massage of your body gives energy and vitality as well as having multiple physical benefits. You can use harder or softner brushes, natural “loofah” sponges or raw gloves.

If all this is not enough for you, at Massage in Chianti we offer two specific massages for spring, to treat yourself for a break of true relaxation and to start again with enthusiasm.

Ayurvedic garshana massage – it is a “dry” massage without oils, practiced with the use of silk gloves. It is useful for stimulating the circulation, in particular for reactivating the blood microcirculation, improving the drainage of stagnation liquids. This massage promotes the elimination of toxins through the increase of body heat.

Holistic draining massage – acts on the flow of lymphatic vessels with benefits such as increased capillary circulation; besides it has an important draining action, since it eliminates the stagnant liquids favoring the lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic vessels are very delicate and this is why this treatment is particularly gentle with delicate, slow, rhythmic, harmonic movements, aimed at recreating the water balance in the tissues.

We are waiting for you in Chianti in bloom, where the air is still fresh.