Home made THERMAL treatments – Natural footbaths

4 Footbaths to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home in just 10 minutes!

In this cold humid winter season, often in the evening one has the need of a warming something, something hot and relaxing and regenerating at the same time.

Days are getting shorter, the night comes earlier and the idea of a warm treat is very welcoming and satisfying.

When we do not have the possibility to go to the hot springs, yet we feel the need to absorb some heat and regenerate, then a footbath is just what we need.

We are not talking about miraculous herbal teas, just about bringing some wellness to our roots, that part of the body so amazing and yet so overlooked far too often: our feet.

Dedicating some time to our feet brings wellbeing to our whole body, and when one cannot treat oneself to a foot reflexology massage, sometimes a footbath can do the trick, too.

Footbath is a hydrotherapy treatment that one can do at home: 10 minutes of immersion in hot or warm water – whatever you prefer – are enough, you just need to add some ingredients for the desired effects and you will feel much better after!

Let’s see the easiest and more effective recipes to create that feeling of a thermal corner in your own home.

Relaxing Footbath

This footbath is highly recommended for the cold season, it creates heat, relaxes the body and helps to de-stress the mind, thus helping to sleep better.

We only need a basin with hot water, not more than 38°, a handful of salt and some lavender essential oil drops.

Immerse your feet for around 10 minutes, or for however you feels the need for; then dry your feet and slip on some warm socks.

Anti-swelling footbath

If at the end of the day your feet are swollen, it’s better to try with warm water, 2 or 3 spoons of bicarbonate and one or two drops of rosemary essential oil.

Kneipp method footbath

If you have time, you must try this Kneipp method footbath at least once, you will need two basins, one hot and one cold, then immerse your feet for around 5 minutes in the hot water, and then in the cold for two or three minutes. Repeat at least 4 times.

This treatment is wonderful as it stimulates the circulation, relieves pain, reduces the swelling and regenerates the whole body.

Refreshing footbath

If you need to refresh your feet, in case they are swollen, red or sweaty, then the water in the basin must be just warm; you may then add salt or bicarbonate and a couple of drops of mint essential oil.

Now, you just have to go and try, which one will you choose?