November. A month that makes you think only of one thing: autumn. Cold, grey sky, rain.

November? At the spa!

Novembre è quel mese di transizione tra il romanticismo di Ottobre con suoi caldi colori autunnali e Dicembre, il mese del calore natalizio.

November is that transition month from October’s romance, with its pretty colours, to December, and its Christmas warmth.

November is placed right in the middle, with its rainy days, the dark grey sky and that general feeling of dampness that makes you feel cold.

Thinking of summer and the warm weather colours may help, but where to go to find them during a rainy November weekend?

Hot Springs!

Tuscany is blessed with several thermal spots where you can regenerate in hot water and immerse yourself in it for a couple of hours for a “hot recharge”.

During damp cold days, there is nothing better than diving into water and allowing every cell of our body to regenerate with that soft heat.

In Tuscany we have it all: from great luxurious thermal centres to the wild free spots in the woods, where water naturally comes out from the rocks.

At Massage in Chianti we love all the solutions, as long as there is hot water and the chance to enjoy a couple of hours of relaxation.

This is why we are going to give you tips to where to go, where we also go, as soon as we have the chance to run away to regenerate.

Se siete amanti del lusso non potete non provare i “Bagni di Pisa”.

If you love luxury you cannot miss the “Bagni di Pisa”. Inside a wonderful XVIII century Villa, which maintains its original charm, frescoed ceilings, sumptuous furniture, amazing flowerbeds in the gardens and lemon trees, you will find an excellent hotel and spa centre, with several pools in every shape and size, which welcome you with warm regenerating baths and thermal treatments of very high quality

If you are just south of Livorno, one of the must go to places is Terme di Sassetta. A biodynamic farm in an enchanted environment. This delightful thermal spot offers, as well as the indoor and outdoor pools, also steam bath, sauna and a Kneipp treatment.

Don’t forget to book though, because they have restricted number access to avoid overcrowding, so beyond a certain number of people you will not be admitted, which also means, relaxation is guaranteed!

Moving towards Siena, to be mentioned are Rapolano Terme, San Giovanni and the Antica Querciolaia. Extremely pleasant and affordable compared to the previous ones. Indoor and outdoor pools with a temperature around 39° there are wide outdoor areas with umbrellas and deck chairs, nice bars where you may have something for lunch or just a healthy snack. We advise you to go during the week, if you can, unfortunately during the weekend it tends to become overcrowded.

For the free wild spirits, adventure lovers and those looking for a more authentic experience, we advise you to go to the free thermal springs.

The most famous ones are definitely the ones in Petriolo. A range of outdoor pools, of very hot thermal water, just beside the river Farma, which we advise you to dive into after having been in the hot pools, for a wonderful Kneipp effect!

Another place where thermal baths are free is San Casciano Bagni, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, which hides in its fields a couple of thermal pools with water around 40°, which you may reach on foot walking along a small road leaving from the village.

Not very famous, it is never over-crowed, not even at weekends and after a hot bath you must stay to have something to eat in one of the several beautiful local trattorie.

So now, all you need to do, is choose the spot that is most appealing and plan your wellness get-away!