Hot Stone Massage – Massage with hot stones

Hot Stone, the massage that also warms your soul

The hot stones massage is a treatment that is inspired by the most ancient holistic philosophies and combines shamanic techniques and Ayurvedic doctrines together.

These two traditions, although so distant in time and space, both resort to heated stones to treat various types of ailments both on a muscular and psycho-physical level.

It is a treatment that helps to achieve an energy balance from which derives a greater feeling of well-being and physical and mental relaxation.

It also brings an improvement in mood, a greater self-awareness of one’s body, an increase in sensitivity and the ability to perceive the world and the people around us and the pleasant sensation of regaining possession of one’s body.

The stones used for the hot stone massage are the lava ones which, heated in a special “stone-warmer” pot around 60/70 °, absorb and retain heat and release it gradually, thus creating a pleasant thermal effect as they are pass on the skin.

This particular type of treatment has become very popular because it uses heat therapy and all the benefits that derive from it.

On a physical level with massage there is an increase in circulation due to heat; thanks to the thermal muscle relaxant effect, there is a muscle relaxation with consequent general relaxation accompanied by a relaxation of mental tension; and at the lymphatic level there is a draining effect.

At the tissue level there is a deep cleaning of the epidermis and a smoother and more luminous skin thanks to the exfoliating action of the stones, a detoxifying action due to the beneficial stimulation of the hot stones on the tissues.

Heat also has beneficial effects on sleep quality; in people who suffer from insomnia or have a discontinuous sleep or are struggling to fall asleep, just a small cycle of 3-4 massages with hot stones can be able to witness a clear improvement both on the duration of deep sleep and on the mood of awakening morning.

For hot stone massage, as for all other oil massages, precious oils are used to sprinkle the body before it comes into contact with the stones and the treatment lasts about 70 minutes.

At this point you just have to try it!