Wellness Tea party – tea, cakes and self-massage

We are so busy that we often do not have the time to fit everything in.

We are constantly rushing from one place to the other and are not able to concentrate on the things that are really important.

How many times do we wish we could treat ourselves to a massage, or also meet our friends for tea, to chat and hang out together?

Massage in Chianti has the perfect solution for you.

It’s the Wellness Tea Party or even better Tea, cakes and self-massage.

What is it: we decided to combine the two things we women love the most: meeting our friends and getting a massage.

In this occasion you and your friends can spend an entire afternoon tasting prestigious tea blends, cakes and biscuits, learn how to pamper yourself with a face and hand self-massage.

What we need:

  • A living room
  • A group of friends
  • Desire to be together
  • Desire to learn something new and wonderful

What we bring:

  • Our professional expertise and our knowledge
  • Moves and explanations for face and hand massage
  • Our desire to share all this with you
  • A pamphlet for each of you so that you do not forget the moves and you can keep doing them
  • Everything required for tea time (tea and cakes)

Is there anything better than taking care of oneself? Yes, doing so with your friends!

We need to re-discover the connection we women have, spend some good quality time together and feel how wonderful this is.

We, Massage in Chianti, have created this “Tea, cakes and self-massage” appointment just for you, so you can spend some time with your favourite people whilst learning some few easy techniques with which you may pamper yourselves whenever you want.

And if you would like to get away from the city and go on a field trip, from May/June, we will be happy to host you at the Agriturismo “Fattoria Santo Stefano” where along with the self-massage you may taste some good wine and cheeses.