Spring has arrived and brought us a moment for our rebirth

Tips and tricks to feel alive and lively

Alvaro,  the grandfather of my partner used to do a somersault every Spring when he saw the first swallow in the field – when he looked at our amazed faces when he told us this story, he said that it was a popular country tradition to celebrate the return of Spring!

He has done his annual somersault for over 80 years now!   How we have enjoyed together these events, even in the last few years when he couldn’t stand up, again he burst out laughing and called Gabriele to help him to get up!

Like all other  years, this year also we celebrated  life and Spring and to honour Gabriele’s grandfather, Gabriele and I showed our rural athletic skills and did the somersault. We felt alive and happy like the children we once were.

This Spring, although peculiar and challenging, different from all those we have experienced before, we notice how the season still brings us its energy of renewal and change.

And how can we help our body, which has napped all winter to wake up and lighten, supporting the impulse and energy that Spring brings us?

Here are five practices we can do daily to feel lighter and more vital:

  • Lemon and ginger herbal tea – Here is the queen of herbal teas: promotes digestion, strengthens the immune system, cleanses the body, is a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.
    I drink it in the morning as soon as I wake up and throughout the day even at room temperature.
    1 liter of water, 2 cm of fresh sliced ginger, lemon juice. Boil the ginger for 5 minutes in water. Add the lemon juice and a little honey to taste.
  • Body Scrub – Here is a Spring scrub that we can use once a week to remove dry skin and make our complexion shine. 1 cup of coffee powder – 1 cup of white sugar – ½ cup of olive oil .I mix everything together and rub it all over the body starting with a light massage from the feet to the center of the body. And then from the hands towards the center of the body, to activate the circulation.
  • Cold shower – I know when you hear the two words ‘cold shower’ you already will close your eyes from fear …. but I assure you that if you  get used to it slowly you will see how much the circulation improves and our legs are less heavy. At the end of a hot shower, I massage my legs with jets of cold water and on days when I am feeling very courageous I shower my whole body for a few seconds. After this shower you will not need coffee to wake up!!
  • The detox positions of Yoga – In Yoga there are positions that promote detoxification and lighten the internal organs related to digestion. Here are some positions that I find very useful and easy to do:

Forward bends with legs spread, also excellent for circulation.

Sitting or standing twists excellent for digestion

Position of the candle – lightens the circulatory and lymphatic system

Position of the child –  tones the intestines and lightens the kidneys

If you are not practicing Yoga, I recommend you to watch some tutorials on Youtube. There are some excellent ones!

  • Nutrition – What are the best foods for Spring?In addition to a light and varied diet there are some foods that stimulate digestion and lighten our body:

Green colored foods are the most suitable but not the only ones and in general all foods with an agro-acid taste

The sprouts

Fermented foods and drinks: sauerkraut, kefir, Kombucha

Legumes especially azuki beans

I wish a Good rebirth to our body that awakens, to our emotions that flow and to our thoughts that become clearer!