Headache – recognize it and relieve it with natural remedies!

Cervical headache? From stress? Incorrect posture? Here’s how to relieve pain naturally

This week we start two new collaborations: one with Nike Spalletti Pinotti with essential oils and one with Giulia Zenere with yoga and breathing.

Each month we will go deeper into a topic, we will examine it from different points of view and we will give you some suggestions on how to alleviate and treat discomforts that we can often cure on our own with a few tools and tricks.

Let’s start in this month of June with a headache! Some of us don’t even know what it means to have it, many unfortunately have experienced it.

I have suffered from frequent headaches since I was 12 years old, up until the age of 30. Sometimes I spent whole days, even consecutively, with a headache, I got used to the pain but sometimes I only needed darkness, silence and my Linus cover.

Now I’m 42 and fortunately headache is a rare exception in my daily life.

After the first few years of making “traditional” visits where no doctor had ever given me a real solution except the classic analgesic, as soon as I went to live alone at 21, I threw everything away and since then I started to “know” my headache.

The basis of my headaches was my lifestyle: a lot of psycho-physical stress, hormonal changes, incorrect posture and sedentary lifestyle, some foods that bored me.

At that point I turned to various specialists who accompanied me on the healing path; it was very interesting to understand and re-know what types of headache I suffered from.

The tension-type headache is caused by inflammation and contractions of the muscles of the shoulders, neck and head; it is characterized by pains in the whole head with throbbing and feelings of strong pressure in the whole area.

The migraine manifests itself as a very strong and throbbing pain in a part of the head which then widens, usually involving the area of the temples and eyes. The causes can be manifold: genetic, environmental, biological and hormonal.

A sense of nausea, vomiting and visual disturbances can also cime along with the migraine.

Over the years I have changed my lifestyle, I walk regularly, I alternate between yoga, pilates and postural gymnastics that help me keep my muscles trained but not contracted. I have eliminated or reduced the foods that I could not easily digest and that often cause me headaches: refined flour and sugar, dairy products and pork.

When I feel the first signs of a  headache I wonder what the cause may be and “I run for cover.”
In any situation I try to carve out a few minutes for a break. .

If for example,  I am in front of the PC,  I take a short break, I get up, I stretch a little, I get some air, I drink water.

I find a lot of relief in self-massage,  especially combined with the use of essential oils that relieve tension.

I use lavender and peppermint essential oils both through diffusion and localized.

I use mint when I have muscle tension headaches, I yawn as if I need to wake up, if I feel a little down, if I need a humoringl and energetic boost.

I use lavender instead when my headache is caused by stress,  if I am agitated, I am short of breath and I need to calm down and pamper myself.

This short and simple article is my testimony on the world of headaches and is not meant to be a miraculous “recipe” for everyone but only offer some food for thought.

Each of us is a universe in ourselves and the only advice I can give is to get to know ourselves better and to be assisted by specialists whom we trust.