Autumn, leaves are falling, the weather is getting colder, just the right moment to take some time off for ourselves.

A precious time: a relaxing massage and a nice herbal tea.

It’s a dull autumn day, it’s raining, the sky is grey and it will soon be dark. Is there anything better than to make an appointment for your favourite treatment, to unplug and let yourself be pampered by one of our masseuses?

You decide to call and you get your appointment, you hop in the car and you get to the studio in no time.

It’s nice and warm and welcoming, the lights are dim and you already feel much more relaxed.

Maybe you’re not sure about what massage to choose, a deep tissue, but maybe something more warming, gentler and cosier, something that will also make you forget about your day and take you back to the beautiful island beach where you spent your holidays.

Still not choosing: Hawaiian massage or Ayurveda massage? India or Hawaii?

You finally make up your mind and lie down on the massage table.

You feel the hands on your body and the perfume of the essential oil on your skin tickling your nose, your muscles start to relax and you gently dive into wellbeing bliss.

An hour passes fast, and you enjoyed every second of it.

And as the cherry on top, the masseuse offers you a warm herbal tea at the end of the treatment.

You’re still lying down, covered with the towel and a bit dizzy from the massage, you bring the cup near your face and can smell the perfume of the herbs in the cup, just to feel cuddled for a little longer.

It’s that last tiny gesture that makes everything more special.

A simple cinnamon tea, or linden and passionflower, transform a good massage into a wonderful experience. To repeat as soon as possible.

A small gesture that makes you feel loved and taken good care of.

Herbal tea and massage are the best company to cheer you up and make you smile!