Vietnamese facial reflexology

A technique used to heal the body by stimulating the face: these are its benefits.

The Vietnamese Facial Reflexology is a method that allows the body to recover its natural well-being without the aid of medicines, simply by massaging, pressing or tapping certain areas of the face which are not working properly and/or causing some energy imbalance.

Vietnamese facial reflexology is a fairly recent discovery. 

It was 1980, the war had just ended in Vietnam and Professor Bui, in order to alleviate one of his patient’s back pain, stuck a needle in his nose, believing there was a correspondence between the line of the nose and the spinal chord.

The patient didn’t feel any pain in the nose but the pain in the back disappeared.

So this is how the correspondence between facial points and the whole body was proved, points that had not been discovered by the ancient Chinese.

Vietnamese facial reflexology is based on the assumption that every condition comes from the bad circulation of energy. If one tries to cure only the affected organ, one will never totally recover.

Real cure can only be holistic, i.e. of the whole body.

We learn now to take good care of the body as a whole, we do not take into consideration only the weakened parts: good results will soon come!” (from the volume Dien’ Chan’)

The word “Dien” means “face” and “Chan” means “to diagnose” “to stop”. Dien Chan therefore means to diagnose conditions through facial reflexology points and through these same points rebalance the state of well-being.

With this technique it is possible, treating one self or someone else, to re-establish or maintain one’s good health. Its operation is based on massage and pressure techniques applied to specific points on the face.

It may also be used as prevention with daily treatments that take only few minutes.

The amazing thing about facial reflexology is that it is very easy to learn how to treat oneself, so everybody may have the “tools” to maintain themselves in health, by dedicating a few minutes every day to their well-being.

With Massage in Chianti you can try and experience facial reflexology in many occasions.

At the end of all of our treatments there is a brief moment for facial reflexology for our clients to make every treatment a bit more special.

If you are curious and want to try it more specifically and in depth, you may ask for it at the beginning of the treatment and you may enjoy all the delicacy and the efficacy of this wonderful treatment.

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