Kobido: the massage of the eternal youth

The Japanese facial massage, also known as Kobido or “Massage of eternal youth“, is a unique treatment of its kind.

One of those treatments that may seem less important or less effective than classic body treatments. But kobido is also one of those massages that once tried, one can no longer do without.

Kobido comes  from a branch of Anma, an ancient traditional system of Japanese therapy and massages practiced by the Samurai to recover the physical and mental balance before each fight, the Japanese facial massage was born in 1472 in Japan following the specific request of the empress of the time, who asked for a cure that exalted and maintained her beauty unchanged over time, creating a complete treatment that would be equivalent  in effectiveness to the full body massages that the Samurai’s received.

Its purpose was, and still is today, to give well-being, vigor, harmony and peacefulness  to maintain one’s  energy and beauty over time.

In fact, Kobido means the Ancient Way of Beauty.

Receiving a kobido session is a gift that every person (woman or man) should enjoy at least once in their life.

Even today if we talk about face care, we only think about an aesthetic aspect and we underestimate the vastness of muscles that are present in that small, but very important part of the body and the constant use we make of it.

Furthermore, stimulating the muscles of the face and neck leads to complete relaxation of the whole body.

The massage also produces a “natural lifting” effect visible from the first treatment. According to Japanese tradition, beauty is the reflection of a stable balance between body and mind. The techniques used in the Kobido are aimed at maintaining or recreating this balance, to improve health, increase longevity and prevent the onset of diseases before they occur.

Japanese facial massage is an extremely effective treatment. Improves the natural condition of the skin minimising  the ageing process.

It enhances beauty and helps balance vital energy, which in turn improves overall health.