Hawaiian massage: the rytual and the harmony

Hawaiian massage evokes a beach at sunset, the gentle sea breeze and the gentle refraction of the waves on the shore.

And then a ship in the midst of the rough sea that makes it swing dizzily and still the slow rocking of the waves once the waters have calmed down.

The Hawaiian massage for me is the sea and all its facets.

The basic technique of massage is very simple and easy to learn, but the real magic is what lies behind, rituality and its meanings.

Because the Hawaiian massage is much more than a simple massage: it allows the physical and energetic system to find, transform and revitalize every aspect of one’s self.

Born as a ritual for moments of passage of life, it was a treatment that was handed down from generation to generation within families and includes within it the natural harmony of uncontaminated paradises, the hypnotic sensuality of the traditional Hula dance; the grace and strength of local martial arts, Lua.

Everything in this massage speaks of harmony between body and spirit, energy and matter.

Although based mainly on the movements to be performed, with rhythm and sweetness, with hands and forearms, it may differ depending on who practices it. The massage expresses respect and love for all living beings, and harmony with the creation and spirit of Aloha. Following the Hawaiian belief that no one can live happily in a tense body, the operators who practice the massage aim to loosen the muscular tension also aiming to bring serenity to the soul, and accompanying each session with Hawaiian songs and music.

The massage is performed by one or two people, who perform particular slow, deep and rhythmic movements with hands and forearms. The movements are often accompanied by the use of particular oils and essences, and the background of music and rhythms typical of the Pacific islands.

The four fundamental elements on which this technique is based are breath, dance, touch and music. The colors and the “presence-absence” of the ocean are also important: all the movements are inspired by the cyclical nature and the grace of the waves.

The treatment starts from behind the head, continues along the back, continues to the arms, hands, legs and feet, and then resumes on the front of the body.

The Hawaiian massage acts on the body bringing benefits to the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and muscle systems. Particular attention is paid to the treatment of joints. On the mental and spiritual level, the massage guarantees relaxation, acting on the nervous system, and aims to act as a bridge between body and spirit. It would also be indicated to combat depression, stress and any trauma.