The benefits of Yoga, the well-being of a massage and beauty corner: all for YOUR Day!

Yoga, massage and beauty choose the right combination for you and Massage In Chianti thinks of the rest!

Emma and Ryan decided to celebrate their special in the magical Tuscan countryside, Chianti. They flew from California for five days of rest, wedding and celebrations.

The day of the ceremony started in the best way: our amazing yoga teacher Micol was waiting for the guests for anenergizing ashtanga yoga lesson, and the terrace of  Villa di Dievole offered a suggestive glimpse of the stunning Tuscan countryside, while the bride, her parents and some of the guests were saluting the sun with a gentle suryanamaskar.

Once the yoga session was over, the guests had the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing treat thanks to Massage in Chianti.

Three locations were set for the occasion, two inside, in a spacious cool room, and one outside looking onto the beautiful hills of Chianti.
Waking up from a relaxing massage and finding oneself surrounded by the beauty of Tuscany is really a special treat.

The guests chose their favourite location and after a cup of herbal tea and some fruit, they relaxed under the caring hands of Massage in Chianti masseuses.

The wedding day is certainly the biggest one, but thanks to the care and the services offered by Massage in Chianti, Emma got to the altar fresh as a daisy, relaxed and with a special glow! She chose a face and body treatment which was exactly what she needed to feel amazing!

And all the guests that decided to receive a treatment by Massage in Chianti, were totally relaxed and definitely satisfied, ready to go and enjoy the party!

If you are organizing an event in Tuscany, a birthday party, a party or your wedding, choose Massage in Chianti to be part of your special day!

Massage in Chianti offers tailored solutions for your event to have that extra touch: yoga lessons, ashtanga (active and energizing), vinyasa (fluid and regenerating), or yin yoga ( gentle and restoring); wellness corners for you to receive the massage you deserve, beauty corners not to forget about aesthetic treats and detox corners with fruit and herbal teas.

All of this curated by the competent professionals of Massage in Chianti
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